Hello, Internet

January 15, 2022 Blog Posts

Instead of Hello, Internet I think I should have entitled this post as Hello, Web or even Hello, World Wide Web, after all it was an English computer scientist by the name of Sir Tim Berners-Lee who invented the World Wide Web.
It was only the Americans’ who invented the Internet which ultimately connects the World Wide Web together and which gives us the ability to reach audiences across the globe.
However in this case I think Hello Internet sounds a little better don’t you pilgrim? If it was not for the brilliant Tim Berners-Lee inventing the Web and giving it away for free I would not have the career I have today and for that I am incredibly grateful.


Welcome Pilgrim to Phill dot Blog.

A place to share what’s in this thick skull of mine with all of you lovely people and to hopefully put a small dent in the universe.
Believe it or not this is not the first time I have written a blog post. I started back in about 2008/9 with TheEpicBlog.com which then evolved into phillipdews.com and many more from that, I also at some stage became a guest blogger and built quite a following. Alas I eventually gave up on Blogging as a career and concentrated on becoming a Freelance Web Developer.

Scared Money makes No Money

I love that quote above, I got it from the book Will by the brilliant Will Smith, its one of his entourage who came up with that and it really does ring true. Back then my mindset was one of chasing money, desperate to get new clients to build websites for. I would build new and bespoke websites for way below what I was worth and I found that the less clients pay me the more they expect.

It was then my mindset started to change and I stopped chasing the money and I raised my fees and let the client come to me. This was a gamechanger and something clicked in that little noggin of mine and now a decade later I have a global client base with many websites and happy client reviews behind me. I have come to realise that its all about providing value, being helpful and going above and beyond that’s helped me develop my career as a freelance web developer as well as my reputation. Its with this mindset that I have started this blog and to hopefully gain a loyal readership.

Scaling Back and Investing in the Future

It’s my intention to slowly start scaling back on my web development path and only take on a few clients with exciting projects each year (If that’s you then do please reach out and regail me with you idea for a project). At the same time I also want to build a new career as a blogger of mainly Website Development, Website Speed and Security and of course WordPress with a few of my other tidbits of what’s on my noggin.
It’s with all this in mind that I have so far invested over three hundred pounds in purchasing this domain name, over sixty pounds in high-end website hosting with HTTP/3 and many hundreds of hours designing and developing this WordPress theme from scratch. Put simply I have not created this beast to wither away die an excruciation death.

Your Turn

So what would you like for me to write about in this blog. Bearing in mind that not only have I been developing bespoke WordPress theme’s but also setting up my own Cloud Hosting VPNs on Google Cloud and creating very bespoke PHP powered websites from the ground up. After more than a decade in website development I have learned a lot in this field and I am still learning new stuff each week. Let me know in the comments below.

Cheerio for now Pilgrim.

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