This blog will save your life.

February 25, 2022 Personal Development Blog Posts Book Reviews 🕑 8 minutes read

This blog WILL save your life. As of right now, you are being Murdered. Not in the physical sense mind you but in a literal sense. Take right now for instance, in this present moment in time I have power over your will because you are reading this blog post. I have got your attention. I assume it was the title that got your attention and made you click on the link to read this blog post. Right now I am murdering you, that sounds a little harsh right but in a way I am. I am stealing away your time by making you read this blog post.

Supposedly this post is meant to save your life. Well dear pilgrim I hope it does in some way. The fact that you chose to click on this link and to spend your valuable time reading this awful blog post means a lot to yours truly. Because you chose to do this means you chose not to do something else with your time. It basically means to choose for something else to be cut off in order to spend time on my blog and read this instead of some other worthwhile pursuit.

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Of course, you have the option to stop reading and go and do something else like go down a YouTube Rabbit tunnel starting with watching cute and funny cat videos of them reacting to cucumbers. But I now have you intrigued and you want to see if I have that silver bullet that will save your life and spend your time wisely.

Let me ask you a quick question.

Without working it out in your head or writing down the maths (Oh sorry it’s MATH for you Yankees out there) for this sum. Tell me how many weeks the average human life span actually is. Remember the average human these days lives for eighty years. Our time is finite and there are lots of reminders everywhere we are as well. Have you figured it out yet?

I asked this same question to a bartender yesterday early evening and she came back with a seven-figure timeframe. I then worked it out on the back of a beer mat for her and she was visibly shocked and perhaps even a little bit nauseous. She told me that she felt insulted. Insulted at the fact that our lives are so So SO short.

Given the fact that the average human spends twenty-six years of his or her life sleeping means, we have even fewer weeks than you may imagine. Being a twenty-something bartender you will obviously be full of life and strength and hope for your future. The fact of your demise is so far away that it’s not worth thinking about. Have you worked it out yet? Average Human Life span – Time Spent Sleeping (26 years) = Our waking time.

Still not figured it out yet? Well, let me tell you it’s four thousand one hundred and seventy-one weeks the average human life span is given the fact we potentially sleep for 26 years of it is a further insult, that equates to one thousand three hundred and fifty-five weeks sleeping. Meaning the average human is awake for only two thousand eight hundred and seventeen weeks.

How do you feel Now?

Four thousand weeks. Wow that seems so small does it not and we spend an enormous amount of time whittling it away on useless pursuits like mindlessness scrolling on social media apps. something I eluded to in this blog post about brain hacking. So please tell me how do you feel now that you know that if we are lucky enough to reach the age of eighty we only have a little over four thousand weeks to live before we start pushing up daisies.

My mate fish and his significant other recently had a baby boy together who is now about 6 months old. This kid is fascinated by everything and everyone around him whenever fish brings him to the pub in the afternoon. What strikes me is how happy and full of joy he seems whenever I see him. The concept of time has not proliferated his mind and he is not planning his future to dominate the world just yet. The sense of Wonder, Joy, and Happiness in this kid is infectious and something we as adults have lost.

None of us remember our early childhood and what our lives were like but I like to think that we were like mini fish. Full of joy, happiness, and wonderment. Our lives are filled with time and timetables, schedules, meetings, and appointments. we use apps and physical pieces of hardware on our wrists and in our pockets to get to where we are meant to be at the proper time.

Time to cram it all in.

I suppose you are now thinking that you should be making plans for your future happiness and do all those things you really wanted to do like climb Sagarmāthā, or visit the Grand Canyon. But why bother, really why say to yourself that if you do this and that and spend time planning eventually you will do the thing that makes you happy and in the future, you will be happy and joyful and full of wonderment like mini fish is right now.

Louise and myself in LondonMy wife Louise and I recently spent a long weekend in London. We did not make any concrete plans or schedules or even timetables as sometimes the universe conspires to put pain to that. This is something that we do quite often, we decide in the morning what we want to do and where we want to go for that day. The only plan I made for that weekend was to visit The Tower of London.

Sunday morning we both wake up and decide to visit the tower. Now here is a perfect example of the universe conspiring against us. Lou had recently had a knee replacement and was wheelchair-bound meaning we could only get a black cab to the tower. We hailed a cab really early and asked the driver to take us to the tower. Unfortunately, it was the day of the London Marathon and most of the streets were blocked off however he told us he would get us as close as possible.

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Luckily for us, there were lots of Bobbies on duty (Police officers) willing to help us get to the tower by opening the barriers, and one was even willing to give me a break and push Lou to the main entrance. As it was London Marathon Day the Tower was virtually empty and we had the entire place to ourselves. We even go to see the opening ceremony and we had our own Beefeater (Yeoman Warder) show us around for the day. On top of that, there were no queues to see the Crown Jewels whatsoever and the Jewel House was virtually empty.

Louise with AJ ClarkAs I was climbing the white tower to see the priceless suits of armour of the “Line of Kings” exhibition and the famous codpiece of King Henry the Eighth something hit me. Everyone else there was wandering around with their smartphones taking pics and videos of the exhibition.  Why? I think it’s some misguided thought that by taking these images that can experience “Being there again“. Personally myself I was taking it all in as I had left my mobile device with my wife in a cafe having a glass of wine and some danish nibbles.

Why do we do that? Why are people obsessive about taking images of something of importance in order to experience it at a later date on Facebook. That’s defeating the object. I went up the white tower to experience wonderment, Fascination, inquisitiveness maybe even joy from it (Although can you really experience joy from looking at medieval pieces of metal that adorned some long-dead king from history?). I took it all in and at the time I felt something akin to happiness not having to worry about getting pictures of every piece of armour including king henry’s codpiece.

Saving your Life & Time

Four Thousand Weeks
This leads me onto the main crux of this blog post and that is simply to recommend a book I am currently reading, something called “Four Thousand Weeks” by Oliver Burkeman.

I am still reading this book as I type this but it has inspired me to write up this blog post and try in some small part make you realize that you are amazing and that time well spent is the way to live a happy carefree life.

I have become somewhat obsessed with my hobby of book reading these past couple of years since covid his us with devastating consequences. This is the fifteenth book I have read this year alone. My original goal was to read fifty-two books for this year but it looks as if I may surpass that figure.

The Definition of Madness.

Mini fish is living his best and happiest life at the moment as we all have when we were firstborn. The concept of time is alien to him at the moment but unfortunately in the near, very near future that will all change. Clocks, Watches, Timetables, Schedules, Meetings, and Appointments will become part of his life and will dictate what decisions he needs to take in order to secure and guarantee his future.

Unfortunately for us, the time we are living our very best lives is the time all of us have no memory of. That time is from birth to nursery where we have no concept of time but just joyfulness wonderment. Just look at a child and see how happy they are. The definition of madness is that as we grow up into adults we are taught by the rule of keeping good time, and we are ruled by timetables, we spend years at school between 9 and 4 then when we leave we then spend the next fourty plus years doing the exact same thing working for the man before retiring and hopefully spending a couple of years doing the stuff we dreamed we could do during the time working for the man.

Unfortunately, by then we are too knackered to do anything like climb Sagarmāthā or visit the Grand Canyon, and we inevitably think to ourselves “What the fu** have I done with my life.”

The time is NOW guys. Go and enjoy it and to save your life go and read Four Thousand Weeks.


I hope that I have not murdered you too much by stealing away eight minutes of your precious time but I do hope that in some small way I have made you realize that we all have a finite amount of time and that we should not always squander it by mindlessly scrolling apps like Facebook, tictok, and Instagram.

Your time is your time and it’s down to you how to spend it. It’s up to you to be either productive or to be lazy. Sometimes I feel like being lazy and spend all day in bed snuggling up to my missus or vegetating on the setee watching cheesy eighties movies with a bag of Doritos and a bottle of  Malbec, and that’s ok. It’s OK to be lazy because it’s still time well spent and because it’s yours to do with however you see fit.

I would love to know your thoughts on this post.

This blog will save your life.

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  1. @Phill says:
    at 2:59 pm

    Tell me, how did you feel about the four thousand week figure? Does it make you feel nauseous as well?
    Do you agree with all I have said here? Do you agree or disagree?
    Are there any other books that you recommend? Do you have any hobbies or do you have any plans?
    How do you spend your time and are you one of those that cram in everything in your spare time?
    Are you like others that obsessively take pictures of famous things in order to experience that feeling again at a later date?
    Love to know your thoughts below…

  2. Janice Wald says:
    at 6:40 pm

    Hi Phillip,
    What an ominous headline! I never heard of the book. Thanks for the recommendation.
    Janice Wald recently posted…Best Keyword Difficulty Software: Why Is Keyword Research Important in 2022?My Profile

    • Phillip Dews says:
      at 6:55 pm

      It’s really out there right and catches the eye. Talk about Clickbait.
      It is an excellent book, I just finished it today so do please check it out.
      Thank you for stopping by Janice.

  3. Lisa Sicard says:
    at 10:39 am

    Hi Phillip,
    I love this one! I think people spend way too much time on their phones and it’s been irking me more lately. People are out to dinner and they don’t look at each other or speak, they are too busy on their phones.
    I hope more people stop and look around as you did on your journey. I love leaving my phone behind sometimes or not taking it out to take a picture but to enjoy the scenery in full around me.
    I guess like most technology it comes with its good and bad points. But time is all we really have left Phillip. By the way, that book looks awesome – I’ll have to look it up.
    Lisa Sicard recently posted…SEO Optimized Content: Why Optimized Content is ImportantMy Profile

    • Phillip Dews says:
      at 6:16 pm

      Hello Lisa,

      Looks like your becoming a regular here now. many thanks for that I appreciate you.
      That’s the one thing I detest when Lou and I are down the pub on a Friday night. What I normally do is put my mobile on ultra power saving mode, in fact, it’s mostly on that all the time these days.
      Anyway, it’s called Phubbing and it’s what people do when they’re on their phone in a social setting. Look it up when you can.

      That book is excellent and I highly recommend it.

  4. Ryan Biddulph says:
    at 2:54 pm

    Great one PD. Time is the resource. We do pass on from a human experience into an infinite realm and keep going and going and going…..but the human experience is a birth-death deal, with time as our commodity, in between. Spend it well. Be open. Be spontaneous. Enjoy it. Follow your passion. Let go all else. This is the key to freedom. Kelli and I have been doing this for 11 years now. We own 1 week’s change of clothes, a few laptops and Chromebooks, 2 phones and nothing else. We just move around with almost no attachments which slowly but steadily keeps us in the moment, out of the realm of time.

    Loved this post.

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…Do You Need a Big Budget to Build a Thriving Blogging Business?My Profile

    • Phillip Dews says:
      at 4:51 pm

      Yep, you are so right there Ryan, no one realises how short our lives are and how much we waste most of it by mindlessly scrolling and phubbing in social arenas. I loved this book and was quite shocked that most of us only have four thousand weeks to live our amazing lives.
      One of my ‘Goals’ is not to have any ‘Goals’ because if we reach our goals what then, will we be happy with achieving it. Same as Blogging, I am just going to continue and enjoy the experience of it and not have a goal in place. For me, it’s all about the process of living life and enjoying it.
      I’m about to start Atomic Habits by James Clear. Been looking forward to that one for a while now, once I finish Unf*ck Yourself by Gary John Bishop.
      Thanks again for visiting.

  5. David J. Boozer says:
    at 4:55 pm

    That was some great reading! And yes, it is “do the math” for us Yanks! LOL!
    David J. Boozer recently posted…Creating Great Blog Content – Going Beyond Words!My Profile

    • Phillip Dews says:
      at 5:03 pm

      Haha, Thank you, David, Yes I like to think I speak the ‘Queen’s English‘ these days but some of my kin would disagree with me simply because I am what is known as a ‘Brummy‘ I assume you Yankies have heard of the Peaky Blinders on the Telly Box? Well they were also Brummies.
      Do have a look at the book if you get the chance, I would love to know your opinion on it at some point,
      Thanks for stopping by David,

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